Building, equipping and educating for better burn care in Africa

Burns are one of the most common causes of urgent treatment in low-income countries. Women and children are most affected. Accidents often occur in the home and are related to cooking and house fires.

What we do

The Swedish Burn Care Foundation is a non-profit organization that conducts activities that in various ways support and improve the treatment of patients affected by burns or severe wounds in Africa. This is done primarily by financing the establishment of burn clinics at existing local hospitals. Each of these hospitals often has a population base corresponding to the entire population of Sweden.



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About us

In close collaboration with the Norwegian organization Children’s Burn & Wound Care Foundation, The Swedish Burn Care Foundation trains, builds and equips Burn Care Clinics in Africa. We are a non-profit organization with the aim of helping to reduce the suffering endured by hundreds of thousands of children in Africa every year due to a lack of knowledge and equipment to treat burns and severe wounds. In the video below, one of the founders of The Swedish Burn Care Foundation, Morten Kildal, MD, PhD describes what we aim for.

Our partners

Many organizations and companies can – and do – make a big difference for children and young people in Africa. An investment contributes to a better future, where every person can get help to get treatment. Today, The Swedish Burn Care Foundation collaborates with a large number of partners who in various ways, together with us, contribute to improving the care of burn victims.

Burns are often referred to as “the disease of the poor” and are, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), “The forgotten global health crisis”.


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