Finally, our container with medical equipment has arrived at Bule Hora! It took some time for the final part of the shipment from Mojo, but on June 14, the huge 40-foot container with 11 tonnes of medical equipment arrived to burn surgeon Dr Anteneh Habtamu and his team at Bule Hora General Hospital in southern Ethiopia. It will mean a huge improvement compared to today, as you can understand from the picture below.
It has been a long journey for the equipment that started as generous donations from several different hospitals in Sweden. The equipment has since been collected, checked, stored and packed by the impressive organization at the Salvation Army Aid in Västerås, Sweden. They do a fantastic job!

The same for Abera Desta and Einar Eriksen from the Norwegian organization, Children's Burn & Wound Care Foundation (CBWCF). On site in Addis Ababa, they have worked intensely to get all the documents in place to make the equipment's long journey possible.

However, the shipment would not have been possible without all of you who have generously contributed to its financing. Many thanks from all of us at the Swedish Burn Care Foundation!

The next step is to mobilize stakeholders in order to build a completely new burn clinic in Bule Hora - just like the one we have built and equipped in Arba Minch. At the same time, we are preparing to send container #3 to Ethiopia in August.

In the picture below you can see the area where the new clinic will be located. It is close to the entrance to the existing hospital and is a perfect location that also provides the opportunity to eventually create an external area for rehabilitation.