The Swedish Burn Care Foundation met with Johan Svanerud, founder and CEO of Coroventis Research. The company has recently donated SEK 750,000 to the Burn Care Foundation, and apart from thanking him for the generous contribution, we are curious as to why a med tech company is donating money to improve burn care in Africa.

First of all, a big thank you Johan for your generous contribution! Why are you doing this?
– Coroventis Research AB, is a medical technology company that has been in Uppsala since 2016. We develop and market software and systems for the diagnosis  of cardiovascular disease through a unique way of measuring blood pressure and flow. In just a few years, our products have spread to hospitals around the world so that doctors can better understand how patients with heart problems can be helped. We are only five employees, but have had tremendous growth. In 2021, we were ranked as number 17 of Sweden’s fastest growing tech companies. With that success, we feel that the least we can do is try to give a little back, and help someone who needs it.

But there are many charity projects that companies can support. Why did you choose the Swedish Burn Care  Foundation?
– There were mainly three factors. The first was that we know the group that started the organization. They have a clear connection to Uppsala and have a good track record through what they have done before.
The second factor was the transparency of the business. We get direct follow-ups without a lot of intermediaries. There is no uncertainty that the money really goes to those who need it. It feels very safe at the same time as it gives great commitment to our entire team.
In conclusion, we were impressed by the fact that the projects are so concrete and clear that we see exactly what we contribute with leads to, and that the effect is great.

How do your employees view your commitment?
– I think that an investment of this kind is something great for all companies regardless of size. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something, and with this kind of donation and commitment, the whole company gets a boost. At Coroventis, being involved in something bigger than what you do at the company has created pride among the employees and hopefully also strengthened their relationship with the company.